Client – Ashland Botanicals
Role – Lead Designer
Team – Lucid Design
Ashland Botanicals came to us with the vision of a brand that brings serenity and elegance to the CBD market. Our approach was to take the therapeutic nature of the Ashland spas and expand upon that experience with this CBD brand.

The typeface brings forth a sense of trust and elegance, while the color scheme reflects the harmony between earth, life, and water in the Ashland community. The mark demonstrates the interconnectedness of these elements.

Ashland Botanical BodyLotion_floating_angle_tight

Simplicity is the foundation to any relaxing spa treatment. We wanted the packaging design to reflect this notion. The layout lends itself to a variety of items, making the future family of products cohesive and timeless.

The background color represents the relaxing sensation of a stone massage. The goal was not to scream hemp, but to convey an approachable product that uses hemp in a therapeutic manner.