Client – Happy Seltzer
Role – Creative Director
Team – Freelance
Happy Seltzer came to me with a goal to create a hemp seltzer company that personifies joy; a good natured brand that just wants everyone to feel great. This is a product that makes you smile and feels genuine and fun.

The branding needed to balance flavor with the bubbly feel of seltzer water. For this reason, keeping the color scheme partially white was important. Each flavor will change the color scheme, allowing each to stand out and be easily recognized, while still adhering to the overall family brand.

Having a good time is what Happy Seltzer is all about. The goal is to create a family of flavors that radiate that vibe. I also love puns and had to have fun with the familiar, yet playful flavor name.

Not only does the can art look great, but it informs consumers about the product and is utilized as a great marketing tool. And who doesn’t love a good compliment.