Employer – Ironman 4×4
Role – Senior Graphic Designer
Team – Marketing
Ironman 4×4 provides off-road suspension, bumpers, armor, recovery, & outdoor gear for overlanding and outdoor enthusiasts around the world. On the Marketing Team, I lead art direction and execution on numerous projects including print/digital advertisement, motion graphics, marketing collateral, illustrations, video content, event marketing, and more.
The Foam Cell Pro is a heavy-duty shock that is well known and loved in Australia but needed an awareness campaign here in the US. Our goal was a tech-focused animation that explain the tech and features/benefits. I sketched and refined a storyboard to help give the animator an idea of what we were looking for.
Plans changed and the animation was scrapped. So we pivoted and I built a social media campaign based on the concepts. The campaign was a success, receiving some of the best engagement we had to date. It started great conversations about the tech, helping educate, and getting people excited about the product.
Here is a series of vehicle illustrations I designed for our model-specific web pages as well as marketing materials like swag and apparel. The goal was to create an illustration that connects with each of our customers and their specific make & model, while showcasing the accessories that we provide for each.