Client – Night Swim Radio
Role – Creative Director
Team – Freelance
Night Swim Radio is an online radio show and record label that needed branding and cover art for a charitable compilation album. Two of these compilations have been released, each for a different charity. These projects led into three cover art projects for the weekly radio show which I also musically curated.

The logo for this compilation was based on NSR’s existing branding, but with a focus on the name: Music to Call Home. The logo is a house, but the roof is also a face down speaker icon with sound-waves bouncing off the crescent moon to create the hill the house sits on; a nod to the music giving back to the community.

The goal with Music to Call Home Vol 1. was to visually convey the connection between the music and the charity. Vol 1. proceeds went to the Bethesda Project, which helps adults experiencing homelessness in the Philadelphia area.

Music to Call Home Vol 2. proceeds were donated to Rock to the Future, a charity which provides music education for Philadelphia’s youth from underserved neighborhoods and under-resourced schools. The visual language is similar to Vol 1., but with a focus on education.

Thanks for checking out this project.

If you are curious about any of the music, here are links
to each compilation and radio show.