Client – Pam Didner
Role – Creative Director
Team – Revere Creative
Pam Didner, a nationally recognized marketing expert and speaker, came to us with a need for a modern, user friendly website. The goal was to create a platform that helps her engage with people and share her ideas and strategies in a clean, simple way.
After diving into Pam’s previous website and researching others in the content marketing field, I began wireframing. With the layout, I wanted to introduce Pam as a person, a professional, and then dive into how she can be a resource for those who want to learn more about her services and knowledge.
Pam’s branding was already established, but it was a great opportunity to further flesh out her brand identity with a visual style guide that gave her an approachable and engaging look and feel.
I got great feedback on the flow of the wireframe and understood that one of Pam’s goals for the site was to have more focus on being a resource for those wanting to get into content marketing. With that in mind, I reorganized the layout by putting her book , knowledge, and services sections higher up and more prominently on the site.
The end result was a clean, responsive site that allowed Pam to present herself in a professional and engaging manner. At this point, I handed the project off to the developers, but I still had a vision of how the site would interact with the user, so I created an animation of how that might look.