Client – Evive CBD
Role – Lead Designer
Team – Lucid Design
Evive is a CBD brand with a mission to make life easier and more enjoyable. The goal with this brand was to create sleek, friendly identity and a family of CBD products for any occasion. Evive color scheme is flexible to allow each flavor and experience to shine.

Rather than give only one CBD product offering with different scents or flavors, Evive wanted to create a day-time/night-time style choice for the consumers. We landed on the balanced paring of focus and relax because we felt an experience-based product was more relatable and versatile.

The goal with Evive’s Focus CBD lotion was to radiate the feeling of focus, with a bright citrus scheme and sun flower like graphic, this bottle informs the experience before a word is read.

With a calming color scheme and smooth, cloud-like graphics, Evive’s Relax CBD cream is one to melt your stress and aches away after a hard day’s work. You know what you’re getting into with this chill visual.

Lotions and creams were a great start, but Evive wanted to tap into several CBD markets upon release. Still utilizing the experienced-based theme, we developed a family of gummies that really allow the graphics & flavors to shine.